A fluffy family

May 20, 2015

They say you can choose your friends but not your family. My family lives on the other side of the world, but here in Bira I have been adopted by a new family. A very fluffy family who, quite uninvited, have decided to make themselves at home here with us.

First is “Yang”, our spoilt little brat of a cat.  Yang came to us as a tiny, funny-looking kitten. If you have stayed at the Camp you have probably woken up at some point with her in your bed, suckling on whatever body part she can get to. Well, now she’s getting a taste of her own medicine because she just gave birth to 4 tiny (and very cute) kittens who are now suckling her! I am going to try my best to hide my crazy cat lady-ness and not turn this into a blog about kittens, but I have to say it…THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!

OK, trying not to obsess over the kittens, on to “Puppy”, the puppy. Somehow he came to live in the pile of old boat wood next to my house. He was so scared at first, but I was determined to be friend with him. I did a bit too good of a job of that and now he follows me around, well, like a puppy dog. I can’t go anywhere without him under my feet. He sat and posed like an angel for every photo this morning but as soon as the camera was off he was back to chewing up old underwear and licking my feet and knees (yeah, yuck, but…HE’S SO CUTE!)

And then, as if the cats and the dog weren’t enough, a little bird has decided she would like to be part of the family too and has built a beautiful nest on our balcony blinds. Baby birds are really not cute, but we don’t choose our family, and we will welcome them in, just like the others.

Best wishes,

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