61029_493461197801_740197801_6946030_7446522_nBira is located on a series of beaches at the southernmost tip of Sulawesi, far away from the crowds and big cities. Getting to and from Bira is easy and accessible to nearly all types of travelers.

Flights to Bira:

Nearly all visitors to visit come through Makassar. Makassar is the third largest city in Indonesia and has a very active airport. The official name of the airport is “Ujung Pandang” and the airport code is UPG. Bira does not have a local airport and all flights go through Makassar.

There are more than 2 dozen flights per day. There are direct flights from Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Jakarta, Manado and many smaller regional airports as well.

Airasia flies from Bali, Manado and Kuala Lumpur and allows for online bookings.

Great Flight Deals to Makassar

Getting to Makassar (also know as Ujung Pandang) airport code UPG. Direct Domestic Daily flights from Bali, Jakarta, Labuan Bajo, Surabaya and Lombok!

Daily Flights to Makassar (please note Makassar is also known as Ujung Pandang and the airport code is (UPG)

Kuala Lumpur to Makassar by Air Asia prices start from €34, just a 3 hour journey Air Asia

Jakarta to Makassar by Air Asia prices start from €34, just a 2 and 1/2 hour journey Air Asia

Denpasar to Makassar by Air Asia prices start from €34, just a 1 and 1/2 hour journey Air Asia

Lombok to Makassar by Garuda Air prices start from €55 just 45 mins! Gauruda Air

Labuan Bajo to Makassar (via Bali) by Lion Air prices from €110! Lion Air

Bus to Bira

From Mellengkeri Bus Terminal in Makassar
Price Around €5
Public Transport departures are from 7am until 6pm.

Pro-Tips: Bira is a common destination for foreigners, so travel to Bira is not at all complicated. The bus journey takes around 6-7 hours. Some buses are direct to Bira, some stop in Bulakumba (which is one hour away). If the buses stop in Bulakumba, simply grab just get a small local bus – “bemo”/”pede-pede” to Bira (€1),some stop in the harbor 1km from Bira Beach (you can walk from here or get a lift on a scooter).

In the afternoon there is more Kijangs (Local buses) which are direct to Bira from the terminal-  but the ones to Bulakumba are more frequent throughout the day. Either way its easy and very rare anyone will try to overcharge you. Its more likely you will have some new friends by the time you get here! For those who want a little extra space in the Kijang you are welcome to pay for an extra seat for the journey too.

Taxi to Bira

You can easily get these on arriving at the airport – just negotiate for the price ahead of time. Or you can contact Bira Divers and we will arrange one to pick you up. Price tends to €50 for the car (up to 4 people), the journey takes 5 hours. Fuel and fees are included in these prices. There are some scenic spots along the route. Meals are available at roadside cafes (Warungs).

Ferry to Bira

There is a ferry directly to Bira from Flores (Labuan Bajo) which leaves once a week and takes around 24 hours.
Labuan Bajo to Bira Tuesday 2pm
Bira to Labuan Bajo Sunday midnight
One way is 125,000rp per person, there is sometimes cabin available which you can ask for once on the ferry for a small ‘fee’

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