Our little secret

May 1, 2015

For a few years now the few of us who have been living in and visiting Bira have been keeping the place our little secret. But we finally think we’ve had the white sand beaches, unspolit reef and insane underwater life to ourselves for long enough. So, before we turn into crazy diving hermit folk we’d actually quite like it if you came and visited us!

This brings us to the new Bira Dive Camp blog. We’re going to share our stories about life and diving in Bira (along with whatever random thoughts we feel like sharing), and hopefully you will soon see why we think this funny little town is one of the finest hidden gems in all of Indonesia.

Myself, I came to Bira just 9 months ago. Before here I lived in the Gili Islands, and before that I spent 8 years in London. So it’s no wonder people ask if I get bored in Bira! Sure, the pace of life is a bit (well, a lot) different to what I was used to. I first came here for the diving, and I was well rewarded – in the first few months I saw countless white tips, black tips, eagle rays, marble rays, tuna and barracuda. I added hammerheads, devil rays, whale sharks, grey reef sharks, a manta and even a face to face encounter with a tiger shark to my logbook (or would if I still kept a logbook)! I only planned to stay for the high season, but now that I have adjusted to life in Bira I’m not sure I could leave even if I wanted to.

The diving will always be part of the appeal, but everything here is just a bit different, just a bit special. I can’t explain in just one blog post, but from the truly bizarre dinner conversations about spiritual beliefs in South Sulawesi, to the fine sashimi banquettes served with warm Bintang and an unhealthly dose of psy-trance (not my choice – just for the record); from watching the family of monkeys playing at the camp, to trying to make friends with the puppy who lives in a pile of old wood next to my house, there’s always a story to tell in Bira. So we invite you to take a few minutes, set your clock to ‘Bira time’, and listen to our ramblings!

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