2006 011106 SIMILANS FYR (15) copieBira is a great diving destination for divers of all levels. We have Seven main areas for diving with over 20 sites

The fringing reefs around Bira – Bara North, Bara Beach, Marlboro, Bira Beach, Amatoa Reef, Stingray Bay, Inner Cape  are only 5 mins to 25 mins boat journey

This area varies from site to site but is gentle sloping reef with depths ranging from 15 to 30m. a great area for Turtles, Stingrays, bumphead parrotfish, around here we have good reef and schooling snappers, passing by we get yellow fin tunas and baraccudas. This area is also good for interesting smaller creatures like, pipefish, seahorses (even some pigmy seahorses), scorpionfish, pufferfish, and nudibranchs. We dive this area lots and its always interesting

We put together this short video of the marine life we see around Bira Dive camp.

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Where we dive on each day depends on weather conditions, waves tides and currents, so we may have a plan for the following day but we always need to be flexible and consider safety comfort and also enjoyment.

We dive all year round in Bira, in January and February it rains a bit more but the diving is still possible and the village is nice and relaxing.  The main season is March to December. March to June the waters are generally warmer 27c to 29c with occasional chillier thermoclines and visibility around 25m. In July and August the water temperature drops to around 22c to 25c and the waves bigger, though the colder water does bring visibility of over 30m and much more chance of the bigger fish like Mola-Mola and bigger sharks etc. From September to December the water is warmer and flatter again.

So the best time of year depends on you. We are here all year around as we think the diving is always good!

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